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The Peperonzini project was born in 2012 when Vincenzo Zini, taken by love and passion for chili, puts two varieties of tropical chili peppers (Habanero Chocolate and Naga Morich) into the selection of classic chili cultivated in the home garden.

Selezione peperoncini di Peperonzini

Within four years, the varieties of chillies have become 150, two jams, and two creamy fragrances with unmistakable flavor, and especially the primordial chocolates, the almond, lemon and chili chocolates replaced in the summer months by the infamous almond " Cea "of Toritto caramelized with chili.

In the Chili Peppers collection, you can go from delicious flavors to the world's most famous chili pepper, the famous Carolina Reaper.

Peperonzini & Co.

Peperonzini Vincenzo Zini

An incredible team for impeccable service

Vincenzo Zini, the sole administrator of Peperonzini, takes care of every detail from production to bring the best that can be achieved on its customers' tables.

Francesca De Palo, Head of Decorations, Decorations and Content Review.

Giovanni Bellini, designer and curator of the logo, as well as the corporate graphic design.

Nicola Convertini and Tonino Palmisano, IT architects and media management, technology platform makers.


" Brave hands work the ground ready to receive the seed ... the seedlings slowly grow and the Puglia sunshine warms up to produce its fruit ... scented, of many shapes and colors ... numerous varieties from the most Gentle at the most aggressive ... unmistakable the flavor of creams that blends perfectly with every culinary art product ... sublimate the chocolates ... the PeperonZino likes it, at all !!! "

Gianni Chieco

" For those who live like me of spicy things Peperonzini is the TOP..I have one in particular that use on all my dishes, spicy oil and the products are great because those who cultivate them know how to do their job because it puts us heart and Passion and from this can only get out of it #Fuoco and so much satisfaction ... "

Francy Fra

" Seeing is believing "