Cookie Policy

Our website and the online services that we submit through it may use the so-called "cookies". For example, cookies allow you to keep your products online, keep your login going on without having to authenticate each time you use the site and also customize your experience of our site; They further indicate which parts of our sites are visited, help us evaluate the effectiveness of web advertising and web searches and allow us to analyze the behavior of users to improve our communications, content and products.

If you want to manually manage and / or check the cookies on your computer, you can contact the manufacturer of your browser to get detailed information about it.

You can clear cookies already on your computer and set up almost all browsers to block the installation. If you choose this option, you will need to manually edit some preferences each time you visit the site and some services or certain features may not be available.

Since our website uses cookies, disabling them may prevent you from using some features or sections.

The cookies used by our site have been subdivided into:


These cookies are used by the site to ensure easy and simplified navigation. For example, to remember your login information, or store the products in your shopping cart or wish list. These cookies are essential to navigate and use the various features of our site. Without cookies, we can not provide services like shopping cart, purchase, and billing.


These cookies collect information about how to use our site, for example, which pages you visit most often: are data that allows us to optimize our website making it easier to navigate.

These cookies allow a user profiling by offering the site manager the ability to create a user profile allowing it to be used for marketing purposes, such as offering discounts and / or promotions that are relevant to your real interests.


Thanks to these cookies, we can use third-party products on our site to give you a better service, for example, we can store the geographic location of your IP-Address in a cookie to show you the website in your language. 
These cookies do not collect information that allows you to personally identify and track your activities on sites other than ours. 
To ensure greater transparency and convenience, here are the web addresses of the various information: